9 aspects to Boost your Storytelling

1) Transformational. Stories are one of the most powerful tools around today. They have the potential to move us from one state to another. Stories can transform individual and group identities through their meaning. How does your story develop identities?


2) Mythic. The most powerful stories circulate above the fad cycle. They ascend to become myths, because they address and relieve tensions in society and collective anxiety. Where trends parasite and follow, myths lead and develop. What anxiety and tensions in society does your story relieve?


3) Social. The stories we share and engage in affect our relationships. Stories can reinforce, challenge and enable new relationships. How does your story add value to our relationships? Does it enable us to connect to new people?


4) Experiential. Experiences provide a great foundation for producing stories. It also works the other way around. When we engage in your experiences we invoke the story. Which experiences do you offer that generate stories?


5) Heroic. Many organizations make the story about them and their products. It should be the other way around. Are we the main characters in your story?


6) Co-creative. We appreciate to both follow and lead. One moment we will tag along, and in the next we will rebel. This process resembles a dance involving (at least) two parties. What room does you story leave for co-creation?


7) Authentic. Our ability to immerse in a story is linked to it’s credibility. Why is your story believable and worth believing?


8) Existential. We appreciate stories that give us a reason to exist. Stories which imbue a higher calling, beyond commercial gain, have the potential of doing just that. The reason why, will always challenge something and diverge us into either lovers or enemies. What purpose does your story add to our lives?


9) Rememberable. A story must be worth remembering, for it to be retold. It should be something that makes a lasting impression. What makes your story special? Perhaps all of the above?


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