Mike Riddell – Thought Provoking Innovator #5

I have invited people that I admire and feel inspired by. I have asked them describe how they have challenged the market they are in, as well what makes them tick.


Mike Riddell

mike-riddellWho are you and what do you do?

My name is Mike Riddell and I am developing an alternative currency that build community and grows local economies. It works alongside money rather than replacing it, and is designed to reward community involvement.

How does that challenge the current market?

HometownPlus combines member community populations to generate leveraged buying power, build community and grow local economy. Our ‘Plus Points’ community currency rewards individuals that make a positive impact on their community whilst teaching, giving or learning. The Plus Points can also be gained and spent using our personalized smart card, as well as our online marketplace. HometownPlus is a win-win for local members, partners, authorities and the community as a whole.

What is your best tip for thinking outside of the box?

Having a dream and then working hard to achieve it. There ain’t any short-cuts!

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