How to find your maximum sharing potential


Are you looking to hire someone? Or perhaps looking for a job? Or a business partner? Or a target group? Or a tribe to collaborate with? Or another opportunity?

What should you be looking for?

My advice is to always look for the intersection. This is the place where you find things in common. This is where you make your connection. The intersection could be a common acquaintance, experience, story or passion. Your willingness to open up and share, as well as your ability to listen will effect the outcome. The intersection is really everything that you share and have in common.


Once you find the intersection, don’t stop there! Always look beyond towards the potential. What do you have to offer which the other doesn’t already have? What can they offer you? What can you accomplish together? A good basis for reaching the potential is to be generous, open and curious. Different backgrounds, stories and experiences can sometimes feel threatening, but they provide ┬áthe real opportunity for mutual growth.

What could this imply for your situation? Your job? Your company? Your clients?.

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