5 reading tips to make you a smarter marketer



Any time is a good time to read, but for many of us vacation presents a special opportunity in an otherwise hectic schedule. While many like to rest their minds from work, a good book can provide a pocket for reflection and learning. I have collected five recently published books that I recommend to people interested in communication and marketing.

Brand advocatesBrand advocates

By Rob Fugetta

This book gives you practical guidance for turning your most passionate customers into advocates, and activating them as marketers. It explains why it’s worth it, and how to do it. I was intrigued by the model Rob uses to estimate the value of an advocate. I recommend this book if you are interested in mobilizing enthusiastic customers.


By Jonah Berger

Jonah has studied the science behind what makes things catch on. He has distilled 6 factors that you can use to make your content gain traction. My personal favorite is social currency which is built around the notion that we share things to look good. The book is an easy read, and contains lots of real world examples and cases. I recommend this book if you want to intentionally design your messages for high reach and relevance.

Influence marketing
Influence marketing

By Danny Brown and Sam Fiorella

Whatever preconceptions you may have about influence marketing, this book will most likely influence that. Danny and Sam have combined years of science and trial-and-error to give you their abundant knowledge on the subject. For example that companies should focus on micro-influencers, instead of casting out big nets, and learn who really affects the buying decision process. I like this book, because it combines theory and practice as well as customer centrism and flipped thinking. I recommend this book if you want to use social media to aid the decisions people make.


By Jay Baer

Jay wants you to re-think marketing, and build customers for life by informing rather than promoting. He points out that there are only two letters that differ between the words selling and helping. While the key message is really simple, the book is kind of like a journey. Jay uses facts and cases to demonstrate the benefits of being useful, rather than just amazing. There are also lots of examples of how to accomplish that. I personally appreciate the customer centrism in this book and how it narrows in on delivering value. I recommend this book if you want to put your customer first and become truly valuable.

This Present ShockPresent Shock

By Douglas Rushkoff

This book is on the thought-provoking philosophical side, and can help you reflect upon major shifts occurring now. It examines how media and technology is changing our behaviors, and perceptions of people, time, and ultimately life itself. Douglas is concerned about the development of humankind, and does not shy away from the pointing out risks and barriers towards attaining that. I personally enjoyed reading about how narratives are collapsing as we become more concerned with what is happening right now. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to reflect upon the time we live in.

Happy reading! Do you want to discuss these books? Let’s do it!


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