The Tribal Marketing playbook (+5 infographics)

I am really excited to bring you this compilation of tribal marketing resources from last year. I have put together a list of my most favorite blog posts and infographics on the topic of tribal business and marketing. I hope it will help you mix up your game.

1. What is tribal marketing about, and why is it a great fit for social media?

Contrary to popular belief tribal marketing is not about leading tribes, but serving them. It is often less about building your own tribe, than reaching out to existing ones. Many social media experts stress the opportunity and importance for brands to build relationships with customers in social media. However tribal marketing does this indirectly by focusing on strengthening the bond between people. Tribal marketing is customer-centric, because it’s less about you and more about helping your customers do what they want.

How to do Tribal Marketing in Social Media

2. Why is tribal marketing good for startups, and how can they do it?

Tribal marketing is less about extracting and exploiting, than it is exchanging and sharing. As a startup you want to partner with tribes to share their values, beliefs and experiences.

3. How can we become more fun, relevant and engaging in social media?

You might feel that you have succeeded when you have managed to spread your small ideas in a mass-protocol and top-down fashion, but you have not yet begun to leverage the momentum you have created or the wonderful capabilities of social.


The Social Media Cat-A-Pult [INFOGRAPHIC]

4. What do our tribes share? So that we can share that too?

Tribes should not be treated as exotic trinkets to pimp your strategy, but rather sit at the core of everything you do. Tribes are everywhere and a social reality whether you plan on leveraging them or not. When people share your content they often do it with others that share their interests, and the value they attribute them are defined by their tribal culture. This makes tribes difficult to downplay, because they are the lens people use to judge and appraise your content.


Navigating the Tribal Web

5. Who exercises influence within our tribes? And how?

The 7Cs of tribal influence can help you identify and understand the needs and drivers behind tribal influencers, as well as defining your audiences as entire networks of people that share a lot in common. Influencers is one aspect of your tribal map, but not the only one. To be truly native and successful you should strive to understand and share as much of tribal culture as possible.


The 7Cs of Tribal Influence [INFOGRAPHIC]

6. What are curators and why are they important?

Curators represent a new type of tribal leadership that operates bottom-up and peer to peer. As a member of a tribe, curators will always be more native and relevant than any outsiders will ever be. Within a tribe they are not only appreciated for leveraging their insider skills, but for sustaining and developing their culture.

The role of curators in storytelling as tribal influencers and bankers

7. Where do our tribes gather?

People gather in tribes around strong passions like fishing, scrapbooking and gaming. Everyone belongs to lots of different tribes, and we move between them with ease. Our tribes gather in many different places to share and celebrate a common sense of belonging. For example the gaming tribe likes to gather on YouTube, but less on Pinterest, and the reverse is true for the scrapbooking tribe.


Where do your tribes gather?

8. How can we use language to tap in to tribes?

We all carry hundreds of different frequencies, because we all belong to many different tribes. Tribal frequencies are powerful, because they tap in to our need to belong, and make sense of the world. When we open tribal frequencies we connect with people and their passions, whether it’s for golf, startups, vintage or meaningful brands.

Share the Love on Tribal Frequencies

9. How do we use tribes to express ourselves? (Exemplified by the life logging tribe)


How life-logging can change the way we view and express ourselves

A sneak-peak at 2014

I have lots of exciting stuff in the pipe, that I hope to be sharing with you soon:


Did any of these blog posts inspire you? What do you look forward to reading more about?